Fraud Blocker Will New Siding Help With Noise Reduction At Home?
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Will New Siding Help With Noise Reduction At Home?

Replacing your home’s siding is an excellent way to improve its look and increase your property’s value. But did you know that replacing your old siding can reduce noise levels coming from outside? In this post, renowned installation company Window World of Boston lists the benefits of new siding for noise reduction.

Will New Siding Help With Noise Reduction At Home?

Siding and Noise Reduction

Noise pollution is a major concern for many homeowners. It can be distracting and disruptive, especially if you have trouble sleeping or concentrating on work. New siding and insulating replacement windows can help reduce the sound that enters or leaves your home. The type of material used in siding impacts its noise-isolating capabilities.

Benefits of Siding Replacement

All types of siding materials offer varying noise-reducing capabilities. For instance, vinyl siding provides an extra layer of insulation that blocks car horns and sharp noises from outside. With vinyl, you can also retain heat better during winter and reduce the load on your HVAC. 

Siding Materials and Their Soundproofing Benefits

Each siding material has its own soundproofing qualities. Learn more about each one’s benefits below, according to a reliable siding and door installation contractor near you.

  • Fiber cement siding has great insulating properties due to its composite nature.
  • Vinyl clapboard provides superior acoustic performance thanks to its flexible design that effectively absorbs sound waves before entering the house’s interior spaces. 
  • Stucco acts like an insulating blanket around homes, blocking out unwanted external sounds from entering living spaces. Stucco also has the added benefit of being fire-resistant, making it a great option for those looking to increase their home’s safety and reduce noise inside the house.

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