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Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Windows

It’s that time of the year again – spring cleaning! While it isn’t the most entertaining endeavor, it can be rewarding, and it keeps your home looking exceptional through the summer season. Cleaning and maintaining major elements of your home is not only pleasing to the eye but can extend the life of your property’s most fundamental components. As with anything in life, a little TLC goes a long way. 


Your home windows are a pretty significant investment, not to mention they contribute to the overall aesthetic of your home, both inside and out. Knowing how to properly clean your windows is key to getting the best results. Basic window maintenance is also a great habit to uphold as it may help you spot weather damage, wear and tear and other issues that can arise during the winter.

We’ve compiled a window maintenance checklist so you can execute your window cleaning efforts like a pro. 

Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Windows

Putting window cleaning at the top of your yearly home maintenance to-do list can help preserve the value of your property while also saving you money in the long run. You may be surprised to find out that washing your windows is a little more involved than just some glass cleaner and a roll of paper towels. It comes down to timing and making sure you have the right tools to accomplish that spot-free shine. 

1. Schedule Around the Weather

Believe it or not, weather plays a huge factor in when you clean your windows. During the winter, the weather can get blustery, wet and icy. While you’re inside enjoying the snowy view, the exterior of your home is getting hammered with a lot of dirt and debris that can start to build up. If this grime is allowed to accumulate and not cleaned off when the weather clears it can cause significant damage to your windows over time.  

Pro Tip: Wait for a Dry & Cloudy Day One would think that direct sunlight would be great for drying freshly washed windows, but not so fast. While dry weather is understandably ideal, direct sunlight may work against you. On hot windows that have been baking in the hot sun all day, cleaners like Windex or homemade glass cleaning solutions can get dried onto the glass before you get the chance to properly wipe it off. This will make it nearly impossible to get a streak-free shine and may even leave stains that are hard to remove. If you wait for an overcast or cloudy day you’ll find that your cleaning materials are easier to work with. If you have to clean your windows on a sunny day, start on the shaded side of the house and move in the opposite direction of the sun. 

2. Gather Supplies & the Proper Tools

Making sure you have the right supplies is an essential part of the window cleaning process. Here is a list of supplies you’ll want to consider before starting your spring window scrubbing spree. You can find most of these items at any hardware store. But if you are unable to hit the store or simply don’t want to, you can easily order these items online on sites like Amazon

List of Supplies

This will all depend on how large your windows are and the amount of dirt and grime that has collected on the windows. Use your better judgment to determine how extensive your window cleaning project is. 

  • A soft dust brush for gently and effectively brushing away dust and dirt 
  • A non-abrasive sponge 
  • Squeegee for larger exterior windows 
  • A microfiber cloth or chamois for wiping and drying windows 
  • Microfiber brush for cleaning blinds (optional)
  • Bucket for soapy water or cleaning solutions 
  • Larger-sized soft towels 

DIY Glass Cleaner

For those of you that would prefer to go easy on the chemicals and make your own homemade glass cleaner, this work-around is for you. 

  • 2 cups water 
  • ½ cup of apple cider vinegar, white vinegar will work too 
  • ⅓ cup of 70% concentration rubbing alcohol 
  • Pour all the ingredients into a spray bottle and remember to label it accordingly and store it safely away from young children and pets. 

3. Remove Dust & Dirt First!

Before spraying or applying a drop of soap, water or cleaning solution you’ll need to get the majority of the dust and dirt off first. This can be accomplished in a couple of ways. You can use the soft dust brush that we mentioned on your supply list, or you can use the dusting attachment of your vacuum to lift the dirt, ash, or dust from the window frame. The dust brush will work best for the outside of your windows, while the vacuum may be more convenient for the interior. This is a great time to use a microfiber duster to clean any blinds that you have inside your home as well. If you have curtains, go the extra mile by removing them and putting them in the dryer on air-fluff for 10 minutes. This will help remove any dust and fluff them up a bit. If you’re already there, why not, right? 

4. Knowing What Tool to Use for the Job

There are so many different tools to choose from when you’re attempting to clean your windows. Obviously the tools you’ll use on the outside of your home differ greatly from the interior. 

  • Squeegees – Ah the mighty and unforgettable squeegee. Used by window cleaning professionals for decades, squeegees are extremely useful for large scale window cleaning jobs, but may not be the best choice for smaller inside jobs due to the drip factor. If you are going to employ a squeegee to scrub some serious grime from your windows, here is how to properly do it. 
  • How To Use a Squeegee – For exterior windows or larger jobs, a squeegee could work to your advantage. After thoroughly dusting off the windowpane, spray your chosen glass cleaner or DIY solution and wipe down the window until clean. Again wet the glass that needs to be cleaned with a conservative amount of cleaner. Working from left to right and top to bottom, place the blade of the squeegee flat on the glass. Applying minimal pressure, not too hard, not too soft, run the squeegee in one consistent direction across the glass. Make sure to go the length of the windowpane. With each stroke, wipe the blade of your squeegee on a cloth to remove any dirt and residue. Repeat this step for the length of your window, remembering to do the bottom of the window last. 
  • Sponge Brush – If the squeegee isn’t your style, a sponge is also a very effective way to give your windows that see-through sheen. For interior windows, be mindful of excess water dripping on the sills and flooring. To sponge clean your windows simply dip the sponge brush into the cleaning product of your choice and gently scrub the dirt away. Use your microfiber towel to dry the window properly with each pass to prevent streaks and water spotting. 

5. Protect Window Surfaces & Floors

When cleaning your windows you’ll want to be careful not to damage any window locks or hinges that could be damaged by harsh chemicals or soaps. It is also wise to put down towels underneath interior windows to catch any spills that may inadvertently drip onto wood floors or rugs during the window cleaning process. 

6. How to Prevent Window Streaks & Properly Dry Windows

It’s time to properly dry the windows to prevent streaks. Using an absorbent, lint-free cloth or chamois, move in a Z-like formation. You’ll want to reverse your direction on the other side of the window to spot any streaks and eliminate them. Another little trick you may want to use is newspaper pages. Unlike paper towels, that leave lint behind, newspaper actually is an excellent window cleaning hack to get a streak-free window.  

7. Clean Window Screens

So, you’re in the homestretch. The last thing on the list is to clean the window screens before replacing them. You can’t have your newly washed windows covered up with a dirty screen, can you? Absolutely not. Using a small amount of mild dish soap and warm water in a bucket, take your soft bristle brush and very gently scrub the screen to remove any grime and dirt. Rinse with warm water and set to the side to dry before replacing them. 

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