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A Guide to Getting a Window Replacement

Like getting a roof replacement, installing new replacement windows is an expensive, time-consuming undertaking for any homeowner. Similarly, it requires enough planning and preparation to ensure the process goes smoothly and the desired outcome is reached. In today’s post, we’ll walk you through the basics and tell you whether it’s necessary to vacate your home during the project.

Window Replacement

Signs You Need a Window Replacement

Before deciding to call your window installation contractor, it’s essential to be sure that it’s time to get your window units replaced. There may be minor issues that only require a repair, unless you begin to notice any of the following:

  • Cracks. Broken frames may not seem like a big deal, but it’s still best to repair the damage before it spreads. If cracks continue to develop over time, it may be time to opt for a full-on replacement. After all, this can easily affect your home’s energy efficiency.
  • Difficulty opening and closing. Windows that are rusting or rotting are challenging to use. If your windows don’t close properly, you may not be able to lock them, which can be a huge safety concern.
  • Drafts. If you’ve been paying double on your electrical or utility bills, this can indicate that your windows need to be replaced. Heat gain and loss through windows account for about 25% to 30% of residential heating and cooling costs. Observe if there are rattling sounds coming from them or gaps between your windows and walls as well. 
  • Noise.  If you hear sounds coming from outside, your windows may not be sealed correctly. Most experts recommend your windows be insulated with argon to decrease the amount of noise coming inside.

What You Need to Do

Make sure you have the necessary protection. Whenever you purchase new or replacement windows for your home, they should come with warranties and be covered by the window manufacturer or the contractor who installs them for you. These are essential for giving buyers the confidence that the windows will be fixed or replaced at no extra cost if the products don’t perform as expected.

A manufacturer’s warranty must cover all parts of your windows and doors, including the hardware, frame and even the finishes.  However, different components will likely be covered for varying periods and conditions.

Elements of window warranties:

  • Lifetime warranties. This doesn’t mean coverage for a lifetime, but rather for the projected service life of the windows, as determined by the manufacturer.
  • Window contractor warranties. This usually includes free labor and installation features for a specific duration. If you’re getting a casement window replacement, you can ask your contractor about this ahead of time.
  • Transferability. While warranties have different features and coverage, they may or may not be transferable. This kind of warranty is essential for maintaining your home’s added value upon getting a window replacement.

Review your contract. Ideally, these are some of the most critical components that make up a window replacement contract:

  1. Bill of materials. This goes into detail on what will be used to complete the installation. When reviewing your contract, make sure that everything in this section matches what you’ve discussed with your hired contractor.
  2. License and insurance information. The contract should list the contractor’s license number and a copy of their insurance certificate. Keep in mind that the latter should clearly state that they have general liability insurance and workers’ compensation, which provides coverage for accidental property damage and worksite injuries, respectively.
  3. Payment terms and schedule. Remember that eligible window installation companies will never ask you for the total payment upfront. You’ll make a down payment upon signing the contract, then installments after milestones like material delivery. The final payment should only be made after the installation is satisfactorily completed.
  4. Project overview. This section summarizes the work required for window replacement and can be described as the project’s scope. Here you’re likely to see the number and other details about the windows that are yet to be installed, an estimated project timeline and a description of how the old windows will be disposed of.

Schedule a convenient time and clear a path. It’s essential to reduce the impact on your daily routine by arranging with your window installation company a time that’s convenient for you. This also makes sense if you’re working on the project independently. You should clear a path as well and remove items so you and your contractors can move freely without worrying about misplacing and breaking things. In addition, you’re encouraged to discuss this aspect of the job with your contractor before taking precautions to limit any possible damage and post-installation clean-up.

Plan a separate workspace for the installers. This is vital in order for them to set up their equipment quickly. Remember that they’ll need access to an electrical outlet, so pick a spot within range. You may want to make room for the crew in your garage if there’s a chance of rain in the forecast.

Keep children and pets away. Whether or not it’s necessary to leave the area when a project is ongoing is dependent on the level of work needed. However, for the safety of your crew and your loved ones, you should restrict access to the work area during the installation process. This will also enable the crew to complete the project on time.

Prepare for clean-up. Although most window manufacturers and installers fully intend to tidy up their work area, it’s critical for homeowners to arrange  for and provide dumpsters and bins to keep the area neat, safe and free of hazards. You may even consider investing in a good shop vac to suck up drywall dust, splintered wood and other debris. This will make clean-up easier and prevent your regular household vacuum from being damaged.

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