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Can You Replace Windows and Siding at the Same Time?

Have you checked your windows lately? Given the huge role they play in keeping your home lovely and energy efficient, you want to make sure they’re always in top form. This is also true for your siding–well-maintained siding can help your home withstand the harshest elements. But what should you do when both your windows and siding are old and failing? Getting new windows is already a big upgrade–investing in a siding replacement on top of that just isn’t reasonable. Or is it?

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Here the premier home improvement company in the area, Window World of Boston, discusses whether it’s possible to do both a window and a siding replacement at the same time. 

The Short Answer: Yes

Aesthetics-wise, having your windows and siding replaced simultaneously is an excellent idea. This way, both design elements work together to achieve an overall effect. Sleek and stylish windows surrounded by worn and dented siding–that’s not a combination you’d want to see. To keep these elements looking cohesive, it’s best to have them replaced at the same time. This is also true on the more practical side of things.

Doing both a window and siding replacement concurrently allows your contractor to precisely set the capping around your windows before putting your new siding in place. But why exactly is this important? Capping refers to a construction method where they fit a sheet of aluminum or vinyl over the exterior frames of your windows. This forms a moisture barrier that reinforces the seal between your windows and the wall, helping protect your home’s interior from leaks and water damage. When done properly, window capping can also extend your siding’s lifespan by working to direct water away from the exterior. 

The Order of Things

When window capping is applied beneath the window frame, it also extends below the siding. That’s why the best order for these projects is to do the window replacement first, followed by the siding installation. Otherwise, your contractor will need to cut into that beautiful new exterior when it’s time to set the capping and install your new windows. But what if you can’t afford to do both projects at the same time? A window replacement is costly enough on its own, after all, and getting newer, better siding will further add to the expense%20. If you need to prioritize, do  the windows first. Since contractors will usually install the windows before they add the siding, you’ll still be following the ideal project order. 

That said, if your siding is truly, extensively damaged (to the point that it’s becoming a safety or security risk) you should give it more immediate attention. Dented, rotting or hole-filled siding won’t be doing you any favors in terms of energy efficiency and weather protection. Avoid further problems down the line by turning to Window World of Boston. We’re not just your window and roofing service provider–you can also count on us to manage your siding needs.

Another Reason to Schedule a Window and Siding Replacement Simultaneously

Your windows and siding are both tied to your home’s energy profile. Windows can prevent heating or cooling energy from escaping your home, while the siding can serve as an additional barrier to head off the chill or heat from outside. Damage to one or both of them can negatively affect your home’s thermal comfort and energy efficiency. By replacing both at the same time when they’re damaged, there’s even less potential for significant energy loss from your home.

Window and siding replacement jobs are large, complex projects that will require the expertise of a professional. They’ll take precise workmanship to ensure the best results–not the costly trial-and-errors typical of a DIY job. But where exactly do you find the right company for the job? No worries–Window World of Boston, the reliable window, siding and roofing service expert, is right in your area. 

The Leading Window and Siding Expert in MA 

Since 2002, Window World of Boston has provided homeowners in the Woburn, Pembroke, and Shrewsbury, MA, areas with the highest-quality solutions for their home improvement needs. We’re a locally-owned and -operated company that’s always been committed to delivering complete client satisfaction through superior workmanship and the most exceptional products available today. When you need to have work done on both your windows and siding, you can be confident that we have you covered. 

Credentialed. Window World of Boston has the necessary license and insurance, including workers’ compensation and liability coverage. 

High-quality products. We also represent one of the top roofing, window and siding manufacturers in the country. At Window World of Boston, you have access to our top-tier replacement windows and siding–all specially-designed to provide reliable, long-lasting performance and improve your home’s energy efficiency. 

Exclusive Window World replacement windows. These are available with our SolarZone™ insulating glass package so you can maximize your home’s viewing area without worrying about temperature fluctuations from the outdoors. Combining a Warm-Edge Spacer System with multi-layered vacuum deposition Low-E (low-emissivity) glass and argon gas, this insulated window glass package helps keep your home consistently comfortable, but with lower energy costs.

Unmatched insulated vinyl siding. Our siding options blend an intelligent, attractive design with thermal performance. They keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, while also reducing noise transfer so you can enjoy a more relaxing indoor environment. What’s more, they come in a variety of standard and architectural colors–some with classic wood grain textures–so you can perfectly match them with your home’s style. You’ll enjoy a host of benefits with these options from one of the leading siding manufacturers in the country.

Experienced. Window World of Boston has almost 20 years of industry experience. We don’t take shortcuts that require expensive callbacks. When you choose us to work on your siding and window replacement, you can be sure the work will be done perfectly the first time. 

Customer-centric. On the off chance you have concerns about the quality of our work, Window World of Boston is always ready and available to address them and provide alternative solutions. Your complete satisfaction is one of our top aims, after all.

Look no further than Window World of Boston for all your siding and window replacement needs. We proudly serve the areas in and around Woburn, Pembroke, and Shrewsbury, MA. Call us today at (781) 262-3925 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation. 

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