Fraud Blocker How New Windows Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency
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How New Windows Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

How New Windows Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

New window installation seems straightforward on paper, but it takes as much careful planning as other major home improvement projects. You’ll need to consider a number of factors, and one of the most important is window quality. It’s generally recommended that you choose windows that not only meet the standards for strength and aesthetics but also for energy efficiency. With the right window options, keeping your heating and cooling costs down becomes much easier. But how exactly do new windows make this possible? One of the area’s trusted window and siding manufacturers, Window World of Boston, answers this here. 

How New Windows Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

By Keeping Your Home Well-Insulated

If your existing windows were installed over a decade ago, they’re probably still single-paned. This means they’re not as effective as newer windows in keeping your home insulated against extreme outdoor temperatures. Their single-pane construction, to put it bluntly, won’t be doing your home any favors in the energy efficiency department. But newer windows definitely will. That’s because they come with multiple panes now — along with spacers and inert gas fill — which ensure that hot and cold air from the outside won’t find their way into your home. Thanks to the improved insulating value offered by new windows, you no longer have to worry about outdoor temperatures compromising your home’s indoor environment or putting unnecessary strain on your HVAC system.

By Preventing Energy Loss

The same improved insulation inherent in newer windows can also prevent significant energy loss. Their airtight seal doesn’t just head off extreme outdoor temperatures; it also keeps valuable heating and cooling energy trapped inside your home. You get to enjoy a more consistent and comfortable indoor environment — warm in winter and cool in summer — and you don’t even have to put your HVAC system on overtime just to make this possible. Just how effectively your new windows prevent considerable energy loss is dependent on the glass components they use. For example, Window World of Boston, a trusted window and siding replacement company, offers replacement windows equipped with SolarZone™ insulating glass package. This makes our top-tier window units impervious to outdoor temperature fluctuations. 

Our SolarZone insulating glass package consists of our:

  • SolarZone Low-E (low-emissivity) glass, which comes with a microscopic and undetectable metal coating that blocks unwanted heat gain from the sun’s reflected rays during summer, while allowing for passive solar heat gain from the sun’s less powerful rays during winter. 
  • Warm-Edge Spacer System, which separates the glass layers of the window and effectively blocks the path of escaping heat. With its distinctive U-shaped channel, this spacer system allows for greater window thermal performance than its dated counterparts.
  • Argon gas fill, a colorless and odorless gas with incredibly low thermal conductivity and high density, which makes it the ideal insulating agent for the energy-efficient replacement windows offered by top window and roofing service provider, Window World of Boston.

Did you know that windows equipped with our SolarZone insulating glass package also makes for a greener home? That’s because their thermal performance cuts back the consumption of inflated fossil fuels that contribute to environmental pollution. Not only that, but they also reduce your home’s susceptibility to damage from ultraviolet rays, which can cause furniture, flooring, and walls to fade, by up to 75%.

The Correlation Between Windows Style and Energy Efficiency

Glass technology plays an integral role in your new windows’ energy performance. But your choice of window style has a bearing on this, as well. Window and siding replacement specialist, Window World of Boston, offers windows in several different styles that can contribute to your home’s energy efficiency. Check out our:

  • Double Hung and Casement Windows

These window styles are as different as night and day, but they do have one thing in common: they’re champions at increasing your home’s access to natural ventilation. Double hung windows are recognizable by their two operable sashes, which you can leave open at the same time. This way, warm and stale air can escape your home via the top sash, while the bottom sash can draw a significant amount of fresh, cool air inside. Casement windows, meanwhile, create a wide opening that lets in cooling breezes. Plus, you can angle their sashes at around 45 degrees to better direct cold air into your home. 

Greater access to natural ventilation not only improves your home’s indoor air quality, but also keeps your home cool and comfortable during the warmer months. Basically, double hung and casement windows can indirectly lower your reliance on your air conditioning system, which in turn, allows you to save a fair amount on your cooling bills. But in order to get the most out of the improved ventilation offered by these windows, you need to make sure they’re installed by a window and roofing service professional like Window World of Boston.

  • Picture, Sliding, and Bay Windows

These trio of window styles all feature a large glass area that provides you with an uninterrupted view of the outdoors. But that’s not the only thing picture, sliding, and bay windows have going for them. Their expansive glass can also improve your home’s energy efficiency by letting in more natural light. These windows help keep your living space illuminated during the daytime, so you don’t even have to flip on as much as a single light switch. The result? Lower electricity bills. 

Unwanted solar heat gain is more than just a possibility if you choose picture, sliding, or bay windows-but not if you go for the ones offered by Window World of Boston. We’ve mentioned how our replacement windows come equipped with SolarZone insulating glass package. With this state-of-the-art technology in place, you can delight in the increased natural illumination our windows can provide without worrying about excess heat transfer.

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