Fraud Blocker Here Are Some Mistakes Good Window Installers Don’t Make
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Here Are Some Mistakes Good Window Installers Don’t Make

Here Are Some Mistakes Good Window Installers Don’t Make

Quality window installation can drastically improve the look and feel of your home, increase your property’s value, and even lower your energy bills. However, failing to hire a skilled installer can lead to costly and frustrating mistakes. In this article, Window World of Boston, an experienced and competent window installer, takes a look at some of the common window installation mistakes we always avoid.

Here Are Some Mistakes Good Window Installers Don’t Make

Incorrect Measurement

A cardinal rule in window installation is to measure twice and cut once. Even the slightest error in measurement can lead to leaks, poor insulation, or improperly fitted windows that compromise the home’s security. A reputable window installer knows the value of precise measurements and will always double-check before proceeding with the installation. Improper measurements could also require frequent adjustments or replacements, which can increase overall installation costs.

Ignoring Local Building Codes

Every region has unique building codes and regulations that guide the construction and remodeling process, including window replacement. Professionals adhere to local building codes and regulations to ensure compliance. Ignoring these codes can result in legal issues, hefty fines, safety hazards, and even making the house unlivable by municipal law. A reliable window installer is well-versed in these codes and ensures full compliance during installation. 

Using Cheap, Low-Quality Materials

Windows not only enhance your home’s look but also serve as a barrier against outside elements. As such, experienced window installers avoid using cheap, low-quality materials, knowing they can fail under adverse conditions and lead to re-installation or frequent maintenance. These materials may also be more susceptible to damage from weather and wear and tear, necessitating additional repairs or replacements.

Wrong Flashing Installation

Flashing ensures that your home stays protected from external water intrusion. It must be set up correctly to collect and “deflect” the water away from the window opening. Qualified window installers master this skill, knowing that water damage can result from a mistaken flashing installation. Moreover, correctly installed flashing can prevent issues such as mold and mildew growth due to prolonged exposure to moisture. It can help protect the surrounding structural elements of the house, including the walls and framing, from potential water damage. This step is crucial in preserving not only the window’s integrity but also the overall health of your home’s structure.

Skipping the Insulation

Insulation plays a vital role in energy efficiency and noise reduction in homes. Quality installers always complete this step. They ensure that insulation is properly installed around new windows to create a perfect thermal barrier and soundproofing layer. Blocking outdoor noise significantly enhances the acoustic comfort within your home, making it a quiet, peaceful sanctuary.

Lack of Post-Installation Clean-Up

The difference between contractors and good window installers is visible in their work ethic and housekeeping standards. Competent installers respect your home, ensuring it is clean and tidy after work is done. This includes cleaning up broken glass, scraps, and old materials, leaving your home looking as great as it did before they came in. Proper clean-up also includes careful removal of debris that may pose a risk to the household, such as nails or sharp objects that could lead to injuries. 

Using Inadequate Sealants

A skilled window installer knows that using the right sealant is crucial. The sealant prevents air and water leakage, contributing to your home’s energy efficiency. If the sealant is inadequate, it can lead to drafts, moisture problems, and energy inefficiency.

Improper Shimming

Shims are a crucial aspect of window installation as they help ensure the window is level and squarely fitted in the window opening. They are typically placed at the meeting rails, sides, and the center of the window unit. A well-trained installer always ensures that shims are not over-tightened, which can distort the window frame, or under-tightened, which can lead to a loose fit. Missteps in shimming can result in uneven gaps between the window and the frame, compromising the window’s performance and lifespan.

Not Checking for Squareness

After the window is installed, it’s important to check for squareness. If the window is not square, it can lead to problems like difficulty opening and closing, as well as potential leaks. A professional window installer always checks this before finishing the installation. For instance, they may use a plumb bob or a carpenter’s square to ensure the window aligns correctly with the house’s overall structure. This meticulous attention to detail during the installation process prevents potential headaches in the long run, saving homeowners both time and money in the long term.

Disregarding Weather Conditions

Installing windows during unfavorable weather can lead to immediate issues, such as sealant not adhering properly or damaging the windows during installation. To mitigate these risks, professional installers often plan installations based on weather forecasts and choose optimal conditions. They may reschedule installations if adverse weather is expected or take precautions, such as creating temporary shelters to protect the work area. These measures ensure a higher-quality installation and minimize the risk of future problems associated with weather-related installation issues.

Why Mistake-Free Window Installation Is Important

A well-installed window enhances a home’s overall efficiency by providing a better seal for consistent indoor heating and cooling, preventing unwanted drafts, and offering optimal soundproofing. It also guarantees the longest possible lifespan of the window, sparing homeowners from premature replacements or repairs. When windows are properly installed, they can protect your interiors against potential external threats, playing an essential role in maintaining the safety and security of your home.

At Window World of Boston, your window replacement project is in the right hands. If you need more information or are planning to schedule an installation, fill out our online contact form. You can also call us at any of the following numbers: (781) 262-3925 in (Woburn), (781) 343-7129 (Pembroke), and (508) 845-6676 (Shrewsbury). Invest in expertise and enjoy the comfort, safety, and beauty of flawlessly installed windows in your home.

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