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Why Should You Replace Your Windows in the Fall?

Your windows affect both your home’s overall appearance and its energy efficiency. Like siding replacement, getting new windows can significantly improve your indoor comfort and your home’s protection against the elements, as well as its curb appeal. Today’s well-insulated windows can even help cut your heating and cooling costs. They’re not only more durable but also easier to maintain. Just make sure to hire a contractor who installs high-quality windows. 

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Continue reading to find out why it’s best to replace your windows in the fall. 

Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

Your energy bills are increasing. Drafty windows or ones that allow outside air to enter and conditioned air to escape can dramatically increase your energy bill–by as much as 25 percent! Because of these windows, your HVAC system will have to work harder to reach the desired temperature, resulting in higher utility costs. Moreover, if you’re considering selling your home in the future, you can attract more buyers by investing in energy-efficient windows and a siding replacement project. 


Your windows are broken. If your window has minor issues or if the hardware needs replaced, repairs may be possible. However, windows with broken window sashes or frames are best replaced. Even if the unit is operable, it can still experience problems. Your windows definitely need to be replaced if they’re drafty or stick when you attempt to close them. Those who live in areas prone to weather extremes should also think about getting more impact-resistant windows. 


Your home needs a facelift. How long has it been since you upgraded the look of your home? Windows give your house more character and appeal. Check to see if the color on your window frames is wearing off or if the material is warping. When choosing windows, choose units that offer superior durability and longevity. It’s a good idea to consider changing the type of window as well. You may also want to replace stationary windows with operable ones to improve your home’s airflow and ventilation. 


If you want to open up your space and further illuminate it, you can have larger windows or picture windows installed. According to experts, natural light will not only make rooms look brighter, more expansive, and fresher, it will also improve your mood and increase your productivity. The additional sunlight will also help regulate your circadian rhythm, or sleep-wake cycle, resulting in better sleep.  


You have single-pane windows. On the long list of things you can’t get with single-pane windows are insulation, soundproofing and energy efficiency. Your heating and cooling system will always work hard to keep you comfortable, no matter the temperature outdoors. If your home still has single-pane windows, now is the time to consider investing in multi-pane ones. You’ll immediately see a big difference in your comfort and your energy bills after installing windows with multiple panes. Whether you need high-quality replacement windows or a roofing service, you can turn to Window World of Boston. 


Your windows aren’t operating as they should. You should be able to open and close your windows effortlessly. Make sure that the locks on your windows are functioning properly because they help prevent air from leaking into your home and also provide added security. If your windows are hard to operate or lock, it may be time to replace them. 


There’s condensation and moisture between the panes. Dual-pane windows have gas fills between the glass for added insulation. There must be an airtight seal between the two panes to minimize heat transfer. If the seal breaks, you’ll notice condensation or moisture in between the panes. This condensation can’t be removed by wiping. A cracked window seal is a strong indicator that you need to replace your windows. 

Why Replace Your Windows in the Fall?

Prime weather. In the fall, temperatures are neither too hot nor too cold. It’s also usually not as rainy as the spring and summer seasons. This makes it the ideal time for a window replacement. With a full-frame window replacement, it may take your window installer some time to take out the old frame. They may also need to deal with any wood that has rotted before actually installing the new frame and unit. 


When you choose to replace your windows in the fall, you don’t need to worry about indoor comfort. Also, caulk adheres better when the weather is warm, but not when temperatures are too hot. You can have your windows replaced in other seasons, but fall is ideal for better seal adhesion. 


Easier scheduling. Spring and summer are usually the busiest time of the year for window and siding manufacturers and contractors. You may have to wait for weeks or even months before your window installer can work your project into their schedule. Fall isn’t as busy as the aforementioned seasons, so you can schedule your window replacement more easily and have it completed more quickly. 


Preparation for the colder months. You can make the most of your window replacement project in the fall. At Window World of Boston, we only install energy-efficient windows that are guaranteed to boost your home’s comfort, beauty and protection. Our windows feature SolarZone™ insulating glass, which offers superior thermal performance. Whether you want to improve your home’s sustainability or appeal, you can rely on our replacement windows. 


Your new windows will ensure you’re warm and comfortable during the colder months. You may also want to get a roofing service to ensure your home is ready for the upcoming season. Old, drafty windows will make it harder to keep some areas of your home warm, resulting in discomfort and higher heating bills. 


Access to deals. Many companies work hard to reach their quota and increase sales before the slowest season of the year, which is winter. Some contractors offer great deals and special financing options at this time. You can get the most value out of your new windows by getting them in the fall. In some cases, contractors offer interest-free or low-cost financing to homeowners. 


Some manufacturers offer special rebates and bulk discounts that you can access through your window installers. However, be wary of deals that seem too good to be true. Be sure to only hire a reputable, licensed, insured contractor for your project. Obtain at least three quotes from different companies and compare them. Choose an installer based not on the amount of their bid but on the quality of their products and services. After all. you want windows that are not only reasonably priced but can also keep your home protected for many years. 


For superior window replacement services, choose Window World of Boston. We’re one of the area’s best window and siding manufacturers. Give us a call at (781) 262-3925 (Woburn), (781) 343-7129 (Pembroke), or (508) 845-6676 (Shrewsbury). You may also fill out our contact form to get a free quote.




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