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How Siding Replacement Helps Improve Home Energy Efficiency

Old, failing siding is not only an eyesore, it also contributes to significant energy loss in your home. That’s why you should consider having it replaced with newer, better material. You’ll see a notable difference to your home’s thermal comfort and energy efficiency if you do. But how exactly does siding replacement make this possible? The trusted siding and roofing replacement company in the area, Window World of Boston, shares what you need to know here:

Siding Replacement

Better insulation. New siding will provide your home with the advanced thermal insulation it needs. This means your interior won’t be affected by extreme outdoor temperatures, ensuring a consistent, comfortable indoor environment. At the same time, no costly heating or cooling energy can leak outside your home. By preventing considerable energy loss, a siding replacement can help keep your monthly bills low.

Less strain on your HVAC system. Old and extensively-damaged siding is usually riddled with holes, cracks and other openings that make it easy for outdoor air to infiltrate your home. Depending on the season, this will create either hot or cold spots in some of your living areas. Because the temperature will be inconsistent throughout your house, the HVAC system will need to work overtime just to fill the thermal gap. Unfortunately, it won’t quite reach the desired temperature, so heating or cooling energy is expended unnecessarily. A siding replacement, however, can help prevent this. Newer options are designed to remain tough and resilient under the barrage of inclement weather, meaning they’ll be more impervious to impact damage and other factors that lead to cracks and holes on your home’s exterior. This, in turn, means less stress on your HVAC system and lower energy usage. Of course, you’ll need to make sure that your new siding is installed by a top roofing company like Window World of Boston to get the most energy-saving benefits.

Choosing energy-efficient replacement siding. Standard siding on its own can serve as additional insulation for your home, but you’ll want to pick one that’s actually designed for this purpose if you want greater energy efficiency for your home. Insulated siding has been around for a long time, but newer versions are continually being developed to ensure better performance. Some products, for example, are available with molded foam that’s adhered to one side of the siding. This allows for a more rigid exterior that can serve as an excellent thermal barrier. 

To sum up, insulated siding (or foam-backed siding) helps combat thermal bridging, which occurs when hot or cold air transfers easily through your home’s wooden studs. The foam used in this option makes it more difficult for cold or hot air to pass through the barrier, ensuring that your home’s interior will remain warmer or cooler depending on the season. But this is just one type. Other versions of siding insulation include:

  • Foil-backed insulation, which slows heat transfer. This option is best used in areas with predominantly cold climates.
  • Foam insulation, which offers moisture and pest control and adds thermal resistance and noise reduction.
  • Thermal wrap, which is also called ‘house wrap’. This offers better air filtration and prevents air leakage, ensuring good thermal insulation.

Did you know that insulated siding also offers more aesthetic possibilities? Because of its thicker construction, most manufacturers can craft them into wider profiles and bigger panels. The fact that they also lower noise transfer to your home will also prove handy when you need a good night’s sleep.

Where to look for energy-efficient siding. Window World of Boston, the area’s top siding and roofing contractor, offers high-quality insulated siding. They’re ENERGY STAR-certified, so you can be sure they’ve met the most stringent energy performance standards. With extensive options for insulating underlayment and a range of thicknesses, keeping a more efficient home just got simpler. Give us a call and our professional team will be more than happy to discuss their benefits with you in detail.  

A siding replacement offers an excellent opportunity to improve your home’s comfort and energy performance–but only with the right considerations. There are plenty of siding options available today, each one having their own pros and cons. Whatever you end up choosing, you’ll need to make sure that your replacement siding is insulated and that they’re installed to quality specifications.

What You Can Expect From Window World of Boston

You probably know Window World of Boston best as the leading window and roofing company in Pembroke, MA, and beyond. But if you’re planning to upgrade your home’s exterior this season, you can count on us for that, as well. Here’s what you can expect should you decide to let us handle your siding replacement project:

  • Your project will get the full attention it deserves. The team at Window World of Boston treats every project as unique. By listening closely to your goals and taking your needs into account, we can match you with the exterior solution that will best meet them. This will also allow our certified team to skillfully deal with any challenges that may come up with your project.
  • You’ll be working with a fully-qualified siding company. Window World of Boston has your protection in mind. We have the necessary licensing, bonding and insurance (plus liability coverage and workers’ compensation) to ensure you’ll remain covered on the very rare chance something untoward occurs on your property during your siding or roof replacement
  • Your siding replacement will be done perfectly the first time. Our workmanship is backed by nearly 25 years of industry experience. This allows for timely, efficient siding installation that leaves no room for costly mistakes or callbacks. In fact, we don’t consider a project truly finished until you’re perfectly satisfied with the results. Our commitment to delivering complete client satisfaction through exceptional service is one of the reasons we continue to earn 5-star reviews from satisfied customers and maintain an A%20 Rating with the Better Business Bureau®.  

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Maintaining a sturdier, lovelier, more energy-efficient home is easy when you work with a premier siding and roofing contractor like Window World of Boston. Look no further than us for high-quality products, superior workmanship and customer-focused service that you’d be happy to recommend to a friend. Call us today at (781) 262-3925 (Woburn), (781) 343-7129 (Pembroke), or (508) 845-6676 (Shrewsbury). You may also fill out this contact form. We proudly serve Boston, MA, and the nearby areas.

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