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A Quick Look at Popular Siding Profiles

Siding comes in broad selections of colors, textures, shapes, and sizes. Each is available to help homeowners to choose a specific design. Not only does this complement the architectural style of their home, but it also reflects their taste. One aspect of siding choice that should also be considered is the pattern or profile, which refers to how the planks look. 

siding profiles

In this article, a trusted siding and roofing service specialist shares a brief guide on the most popular siding profiles. 

Horizontal Siding Profiles

Perhaps the most common siding profile is horizontal. Horizontal-oriented siding is known for its effectivity against rain and snow as it does not allow penetration as easily as other designs. On the market, the most popular horizontal siding options include:

Traditional Lap: Also commonly referred to as clapboard, a traditional lap is a flat siding option composed of longboards that partially overlap each other. Hence the name “lap siding.” This type of siding profile features an architectural style making it a wonderful addition to homes in forest settings or rural areas, such as Cape Cod, Georgian, and Queen Anne.

Dutch Lap: Dutch lap is a common alternative to the traditional lap or clapboard. This profile features a groove at the top of each board, with the shadow in the groove adding multidimensional texture to the entire facade. It originated in northern Europe and became prevalent in the U.S. during the Colonial Era. Today, it is often used in Craftsman and French Colonial homes.

Beaded: Beaded siding has a distinct shadow line that runs along the bottom of the boards. Its low-gloss finish mimics freshly painted wood. Because, traditionally, the grooves of beaded and dutch lap siding had to be carved by hand, it took longer to make and was more expensive than traditional lap siding. Beaded siding is now used on higher-end homes.

Vertical Siding Profile

Some homes and residential buildings possess a particular style that looks more elevated with vertical siding. Here are the most sought-after siding designs in this category:

Panel: Panel siding is similar to traditional lap siding except in vertical orientation. On this siding profile, each panel is placed partially on top of each other with flush surfaces.

Board and Batten: Since the U.S. first settled, board and batten have been for outbuildings, such as barns and sheds. On this type of siding, thin strips of wood molding — also called battens — are installed over the seams of panel boards, preventing outside elements from entering through the joints. Today, its strong vertical lines are known to add texture and shadow to the home’s exterior.

Shingle or Shake Siding Profile

Shingle or shake patterns are for accents on siding replacement projects. Shingle siding has a clean-cut edge and can be made of wood or other materials like fiber cement. Shake siding has a rough appearance and is only made of wood, traditionally cedar. 

Here are the preferred designs for this type of siding profile:

Split Shake: A classic style of shake siding, split shake features siding pieces that are split from a wood block and have a raw texture.

Staggered Shingle or Shake: This siding design is laid in an uneven, staggered pattern rather than cut into a straight horizontal line.

Scalloped Shingle: Also known as half-rounded siding, scalloped siding showcases a rounded edge at the bottom of the panel.

Choosing a Siding Profile for Your Home

Use these tips when selecting the best siding profile for your exterior:

Complement the architectural style of your home. The architectural style is one of the biggest factors when choosing a siding profile for your home. If your home is the traditional style of Craftsman or Cape Cod, horizontal siding like clapboard or Dutch lap will work wonders for curb appeal. For one-story ranch-style homes, the rustic look and feel of board and batten are recommended by siding professionals.

Do not be afraid to mix things up. When choosing a siding pattern to complement the rest of your exterior (from the roof to the landscaping surrounding your property), experiment with color and texture to elevate your design. For one, you can incorporate a smooth finish on one section of the exterior and a rougher texture on the other. This contrast in texture adds another layer of character to your home, making it stand out in your neighborhood for all seasons. For two-story homes, using the conventional Dutch lap siding on the first level and the marine-inspired half-rounded panels of scalloped siding on the second offers a tremendous, eye-catching look.

Consider various sizes of siding panels. Whether you are designing a new home or simply replacing your old, damaged siding, make sure you consider the size of the panels of your potential siding. Again, the size of the siding panels you can choose depends on your home style. For instance, Colonial-style homes, according to siding experts, can benefit from wider planks as these can fully enhance the appearance of the facade. On the other hand, siding profiles with narrower planks can cast a pronounced shadow to give off the illusion of height, making them suitable for one-story homes.

Use a visualizer tool. If you find it difficult to visualize various siding profiles on your exterior, consider using an online visualization tool. It’s simple. Open a website or download an app on your phone or tablet. From there, upload an outside picture of your home and apply a siding profile according to your preference.

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