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6 Signs You May Need Replacement Windows

Massachusetts is no stranger to winter weather and frigid temperatures. In these colder climates, it is even more important to have windows that keep the heat in, and the cold air out. Windows not only serve as a design feature, but also play a significant role in the heating and cooling costs of your home.

According to statistics from Penn State, windows lose more heat per square foot than any other surface in a home. Over 30% of heat escapes through the gaps in and around windows. That is pretty high considering how it directly impacts your electric bill. With more cold weather due to hit the Boston area, maybe it is time to take a quick survey of your existing windows and figure out if they need to be replaced or better insulated. 


6 Signs You May Need Replacement Windows

  1. Rising Heating & Cooling Costs – Windows are one of your home’s largest energy expenses. If you own an older home that hasn’t ever had the windows replaced, chances are they are costing you more to keep than replace them. Older windows, especially single-pane windows, are responsible for a considerable amount of energy loss. This can increase your heating and cooling bills significantly. Even double-pane windows that have aged poorly or weren’t installed properly can wind up costing you serious money throughout the year. If you see the window frame is chipping or rotting away, it is probably time to replace your windows. 
  1. Difficult to Lift up & Down – You should routinely check your windows to see that each of them opens, closes and locks properly. Windows should easily glide up and down with little effort. If your existing windows are rickety and nearly impossible to open, it is time to consider window replacement.  
  1. You Can Feel a Draft in Your Home – Do you notice that there is a draft in your home, but no windows or doors are open? Do you hear a whistling noise coming from the window panes on windy days? Well, it’s likely that your windows are leaking, which once again causes your energy bill to skyrocket. This also makes it nearly impossible for you to regulate the temperature in your home. 
  1. Decaying Frames – This is a common problem, especially in older homes. Wooden window frames don’t age well. When they are continually exposed to the elements, it is inevitable that they will start to deteriorate. If you notice wood rot and decay around the frames of your window, it is absolutely time to replace them. Allowing your windows to continue to rot can lead to mold, water leaks and all sorts of structural and health hazards. 
  1. Condensation Inside Window – If you notice condensation between the panes in your window, it may mean that they aren’t properly sealed or a seal in the window has failed. Depending on the quality of your existing windows, you may be able to repair the broken seal. Otherwise, if moisture is finding its way in between the glass panes in your window, then it isn’t properly insulating your home and it may be time for a full window replacement. 
  1. Noise Is Bleeding Through – Are you able to hear the cars on the street outside your home? If so, it may mean that you need energy-efficient or double pane windows installed. High-quality windows will act as a sound barrier between you and the outside world, affording you peace and quiet in your home. 

Advantages of Replacing Your Windows

  • Increase the Value of Your Home – Not only do new windows boost curb appeal, but they are a great selling point as well. Quality windows are a sizable investment. Homebuyers understand the importance of new windows and recognize it as an added feature when deciding the value of a property. 
  • Energy Efficient Windows – Energy-efficient windows, especially those that have the Energy Star rating, can really help lower your utility bills, conserve electricity and receive tax credits for 2020
  • Maintain a Comfortable Indoor Temperature – One indicator that your windows may need to be replaced is if the temperature fluctuates a great deal inside your home. A properly insulated house is able to maintain a comfortable and favorable temperature year-round. Replacing your existing windows with double pane windows or insulated windows can really help keep the temperature in your home comfortable 365 days a year. 
  • Lower Your Electric BillNew windows make for less heat loss and create an almost airtight seal between you and the elements. Cutting down on leaks and thermal transfer means more money in your pocket. You may want to contact your utility company and find out if they offer any incentives to homeowners that upgrade their windows to more energy-efficient windows. 
  • Helps Drown out Noise – In addition to the energy savings, new windows provide a great sound barrier from you and the outside world. New windows offer excellent soundproofing for those that appreciate peace and quiet in their home. 

Need Help Choosing the Best Windows to Fit Your Home?

Window World Boston understands this is a trying time for everyone. That is why we have taken extra precautions to provide quality service and follow strict CDC guidelines in regards to COVID-19. We are enacting added safety measures to ensure our customers and their home environments are left undisturbed. 

Finding a trusted window contractor is key to the longevity of your exterior. From installation to the quality of the materials, go with a contractor that is licensed and experienced. Window World Boston serves customers in the Boston area from our Woburn, Pembroke, and Shrewsbury offices. Don’t continue to lose precious heat and cool air because your windows are poorly insulated or simply need to be replaced. Window World Boston can help you. Our highly-trained window installation professionals and window design specialists are here to help walk you through the window replacement process. 

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